How to Build Backlinks (The Google Way)

If you are a website or blog owner, you are probably looking for ways to improve your ranking on Google. Ranking higher on Google means that you will be more discoverable on the search engines and this will give you higher chances of outshining your competitors. Every now and then individuals are looking for ways to boost their SEO but did you know that building backlinks can help you achieve your dream? Accepting backlinks from other websites that are similar to yours is one of the things that you can do to rank higher on the search engines. If you have not yet ranked higher on Google as you would want, it is probably because you are not building enough relevant whitehat backlinks.

You could be wondering what you can do to build as many whitehat backlinks as possible, however, don’t worry anymore as this article is meant for you. In this article, am going to show you how you can build whitehat backlinks that can help to improve your ranking on the search engines. Below are some of the things you can do to build whitehat backlinks.

1. Submit Testimonials

One of the things you can do to build backlinks is to submit testimonials. There are numerous companies that are willing to take your testimonials and put them on their landing pages. Most of these companies will publicly announce that they are looking for testimonials from individuals like you to put on their home page. The announcement will be placed on their landing page indicating that they are accepting testimonial and they will provide an email where you can testify. If you submit an interesting testimonial then they may decide to reward you with a backlink to your website. Why not try your luck? You could be the person they are looking for and so you need to take advantage of this.

2. Guest Posting

Another effective way of building whitehat backlinks is guest blogging. You could have heard of this before but do you really understand how it works? well, I’m going to show you here. Guest blogging is an approach whereby you establish a relationship with other bloggers in the same niche as yours by writing guest posts for them. You will then request them to allow you to add your link in the guest post you are writing. This is basically a win-win situation whereby you will benefit with a link back to your site and the website owner benefits with a guest post for their audience. You will find very many websites that accept guest posts and therefore you should take such an advantage. Make a list of such companies and reach out to them and request whether you can write their guest posts. If they agree with you then you will have a chance to build backlinks to your site and thus boosting your ranking on Google search engine.

3. Broken Link Building

This is another simple and yet effective approach to building backlinks. You simply have to contact a blogger(s) who could be having broken links on certain pages and then convince them to supplant that broken link with a functional one from your particular site. So your work, in this case, is to identify a broken link from other blogs and then alert the blog owners. After that, you should ask them to replace the broken link with a link back to your website. They should do so willingly because you helped them to discover broken links that they would otherwise not have discovered. The more the broken links you will discover, the more the backlinks you are likely to get.

4. Come up with Something Controversial

This is one of the best ways to build backlinks with minimum effort. If you are really looking to get thousands of backlinks and shares to your website then consider creating something that is controversial. When I talk of controversial in this case I don’t mean you write something that is hateful, discriminating or spiteful. All I mean is that you have to try and create something that goes against what other individual expects or thinks. For instance, if all the other bloggers in the same niche as yours write in favor of, say, X then come up with something that tells why Y is better than X.  Most individuals are always attracted to such controversial content and so creating them will help you get as many backlinks as can be possible.

5. Social Bookmarking

This is refers to online services that help you to store and manage bookmark(s) of the web page(s) so that you can use them later for your reference. All the web pages that you bookmark at social bookmarking websites are considered to be of high quality by the search engines. This is one of the easiest ways to generate some good links to your website. All you need to do in this case is to look for reputable social bookmarking sites like Twitter or Pinterest, and then submit your site so that it can be bookmarked. There are very many social bookmarking sites and therefore finding them should not be hard.

6. Post Regularly to Your Blog with Shareable Content

Another thing you can do is to create your personal blog and ensure that it is always alive by posting on it regularly. Make sure that you create relevant content for your leads and clients. The content you will be sharing on your blog need to be related to your specific business, be well structured and also relevant as far as your audience is concerned. Don’t forget to include social sharing button on your blog so that others can be able to share your content on their networks and in this process, you will be able to gain some backlinks as well as ranking for your site.

7. Visual Content Can Help You Gain Backlinks

Just like I said earlier that creating useful and relevant guest posts can help you in building backlinks, in the same way creating some relevant contents but this time round in form of visuals can greatly help your site to get backlinks and achieve good rankings. Visuals contents such as videos, infographics, quotes images and SlideShare presentations are good for attracting the audience who would most likely share them in their networks. Likewise, your fellow bloggers will most likely reference these visuals(yours)  in their blogs. This will help to generate some backlinks to your site and likewise generate new leads to the benefit of your business.

8. Use Website Directories & Business Listings

Making use of website directories can help other individuals to discover your site easily and give you good backlinks. Always confirm the Page Authority (PA) as well as the Domain Authority (DA) of a website first by utilizing any of the numerous free online tools available. Directories with higher scores are the most resourceful and can help to improve the ranking of your site and also generate some useful backlinks for your website. Likewise, you can consider creating business listings through Yahoo, Facebook, Google as well as other authority websites to get yet another quality backlink.

9. Encourage Social Media Sharing

Of course, you are already operating various social media accounts but do you know that they can help you to generate quality backlinks to your website? Yes, they can! In fact, social networks are among the best avenues where individuals learn new things. Therefore you can share your content on the social networks you are already using and encourage more individuals to share these contents so as to get them into as more hands as possible. This would, in turn, generate as more backlinks as possible to your blog. Always keep your audience on the social networks engaged so as to encourage more views and also more shares. For every blog post you create, ensure that it goes with the share button well visible so as to encourage sharing.

10. Convert “Mentions” Into Links

You are probably wondering what this means right? But do you really like it when others “mentions” you on their website without taking some time to generate a link for you? For instance, somebody will write “visit for more information”  but will not take time to insert a hyperlink. This is sincerely sad! Fortunately, there is a way to turn things around. Once you realize this has happened, email the website owner immediately and request them to include a link to your site. If they are considerate (and most of them are) they will do this willingly. If you don’t know how to look for the websites that may have mentioned you, you use Here you will see every site that has mentioned and then you can request for backlinks from them.

11. Think Of A Scholarship Giveaway

This is among the latest approaches to get whitehat backlinks. For this technique to work, you need to come up with a scholarship requirement(s) and rewarding amount. After this, you can reach out to any learning institution(s) and let them know about the scholarship you have. The institution(s) will consider the scholarships and if they think it is reasonable they will link to the scholarship from the institution site. Edu links are very commanding and so you don’t need a lot of them. Just a few of them will be enough to boost your ranking and attract more traffic.

12. Request Backlinks From You Colleagues

Another easier way to generate more backlinks without too much struggle is to ask for them from your family members and friends. Of course, you have friends who are also bloggers like you. Why don’t you reach to them and ask for backlinks? The more the number of friends you can consult, the more the backlinks you can get. Make as many friends as possible and seal a good deal with them.

13. Giving Some Of Your Products or Service To Other Bloggers For Free

You can likewise consider giving out some of your products and services to your fellow bloggers for free and request them for backlinks in return. Almost every blogger you will come across will be willing to accept this deal as it sounds good. However, make sure that the blogger you are contacting for such a deal is the same niche as yours. Email them and ask them to write good reviews with backlinks to your website. You will realize that this is one of the simplest and fastest approaches to generating good backlinks to your site.

14. Join HARO

Another effective way of building whitehat link to your website is to join HARO which in full means Help A Reporter Out. Numerous reporters come to this site regularly to look for interesting news and certain stories. If you are really interested in generating as many backlinks as possible then you may consider joining this website and start giving out stories (be a source of stories and other relevant information that reporters could be looking for). If you will provide interesting stories that will appeal to the reporters then they will take the content and use you as the source of their content, which will probably include a backlink to your site. The only demerit of HARO is that they charge the joining fee. Other than that HARO is a very useful website for individuals looking to build more backlinks.


Building backlinks is not an activity you can accomplish with a day or two. It is a continuous process that needs a lot of your time and effort so as to achieve your desired results. When building backlinks only focus on the whitehat building methods since Google will penalize you if you use unauthorized techniques otherwise referred to as blackhat backlink building. Avoid buying links but instead, focus on the above-discussed techniques to generate your own backlinks. Creating as many backlinks as possible will help your business website/blog rank higher on search engines and thus boosting your chances of success. Having read the above, it now time to put them into practice and get as many backlinks as you would wish. For deeper actions on how to start your blog the whitehat way, you can learn here.

Good Luck!

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