Review Process

Over 70% of review sites on the net are fake reviews and just built to make money from affiliate sales. They never buy the product/service, so there should be no reason to trust on their opinion.

We try to be different and so we do a proper due diligent before we make any single review. That’s why we are responsible with our reviews.

Below are steps we took before we write a hosting review. We apply these steps for each hosting service.

Step 1: We buy a standard (most favorite) and the advanced package (like VPS or Dedicated Server) of the hosting service. Below are some of the receipts:

Step 2: We install WordPress on our testing site on the hosting, and we create a simple blog with 5 posts. We use the same posts for all hosting, so they are fair to compare (in loading speed).

Step 3: We check the uptime, downtime and loading speed of the site at Pingdom.

Step 4: We reach their Custsomer Service to check: what service they have to handle customer problems (ie: if they operate in 24/7), how they handle problems, their waiting time (on chat), their response time (on email) and also how far they can help for complicated problems like site being hacked, site getting error by plugin/theme updates, etc.

Step 5: We make a list of features and additional services of each hosting companies so we can split them on Pros and Cons.

Step 6: We compare one hosting each another to make a list of rank. We use our own algorithm (based on the data we gather above) to decide which hosting should be rank higher than another.

Step 7: We write review and post here so our visitors can decide which hosting match their business and budget.

Step 8: We update the reviews periodically and anytime we found a new condition, new improvement, new package, and new services.