GreenGeeks Hosting Review (2019): Pros and Cons

greengeeks hosting

GreenGeeks is a hosting company born in 2008 which currently host over 350,000 websites. Built by a server geek named Trey Garner, a senior in the industry who has worked on several popular hosting companies such as iPage, LunarPages and HostPapa.

What GreenGeeks offer on their official site?

GreenGeeks Hosting claim to have 99.9% uptime and 100% customer satisfaction. But is it true in fact? Our GreenGeeks review below will reveal everything you need to know before you buy this hosting service.

Our Test and Review to GreenGeeks Hosting

greengeeks review

As described on Our Review Process, we bought GreenGeeks shared hosting plan before we write this review. After that we make a simple WordPress blog on it with 5 standard posts inside. Then we test and monitor the server performance. Below are our report from the last 6 months performance test.

Loading speed test results during last 6 months:

greengeeks hosting loading speed

One of important factors in SEO is page loading speed. The higher speed you have, the bigger your chance to get a better Search Engine rankings. Below are our test results to the GreenGeeks page loading speed:

Uptime test results during last 6 months:

greengeeks hosting uptime

The Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks Hosting

pros and cons of greengeeks

Here is the Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks Hosting based on what we found on hosting with them.

The Pros

There are 12 things that we love with GreenGeeks Hosting service, and here they are:

Pro #1: GreenGeeks Loading Speed is Above Average

Average Loading Speed (of 30 hosting services) is 3.3 seconds, while GreenGeeks Loading Speed is 2.72 seconds.

Pro #2: GreenGeeks Uptime is Above Average

Average uptime (of 35 most popular hosting services) is 99.80%, while GreenGeeks uptime is 99.97%. This is not only better than average uptime, but also higher than hosting industrial standard.

Visit GreenGeeks Website

Pro #3: Good Customer Support

greengeeks customer service

Everyone having enough experiences with hosting must agree that in terms of hosting, customer support is very important. Live Chat is a must as email and ticket will take a long time to reply and reply. GreenGeeks understand this very well.

Our testing to their Support comes with good response. We try the Live Chat 10 times (in 10 random days and times), what we got is we never got they are off or unavailable (we may assume the 24/7 live chat is real) and the waiting time in average is 30 seconds (the longest one is 50 seconds).

Another aspect with their support is their technician is very professional, really helpful and have been trained enough to solve many kind of problems (we test by asking them many kind of website troubles, and all of them can be answered quickly with clear, to-the-point explanations).

Here is how to reach their support, in case if you having trouble with your website, billing, etc. and you need to contact them through a live chat:

how to reach greengeeks support

Several hosting service require some complicated steps before you can reach their customer support, but not with GreenGeeks. To connect into their Live Chat, simply go to their official site, then press the yellow Live Chat link on the top right, and wait a second till their support join the chat (normally will less than 30 seconds).

Pro #4: Good FAQs and Knowledge Base for Self Help Customers

Some customers prefer to read knowledge base rather than contact support team. Mostly because they don’t want to wait any second, or they have a bad skill in writing English on chat (but good enough in reading).

For this type of customers, GreenGeeks Hosting offer hundreds of FAQs (covering the most questioned problems) and thousands of knowledgebase information that you can easily find on their website. By following their directions on the FAQs or knowledge base articles, you may solve most of your problems -if you prefer for self help. Below are a sample of their article:


Pro #5: GreenGeeks offer free domain name and site migration

free domain

You can get one domain name not only for one year, but as long as your site host on them. Also if you need your site moved from your old hosting to them, they can help you for free. Site migration is fully technical and can be so complicated for many site owners, but GreenGeeks technician are ready to get it done for you.

Pro #6: GreenGeeks really support green living

green hosting

This could be ignored in terms of hosting pros and cons, but this is additional value for this company. GreenGeeks has been recognized as Green Power Partnership by US EPA. Their system contributes to make the world being more green by designing their machine to perform a good energy saving. Also, GreenGeeks Hosting provide several green-badges for webmasters who contribute to their green program, and here are the badges:

green badges

Pro #7: GreenGeeks offer 30 day refund guarantee

If -for any reason- you are not satisfied with GreenGeeks service during your first 30 days after your purchasing, you are welcome to ask for refund. No question asked (just feedback needed which you can skip).

This one should give you no worries to try their service, however it is wise to check our Cons below that is still related to this refund guarantee.

Pro #8: GreenGeeks have multiple server locations

multiple server locations

Data center located on 4 different locations:

  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Toronto, CA
  • Phoenix, US
  • Chicago, US

Why this can be a benefit for you? Because your website’s target audience can be served better by a closer data center. For example, if your online store is targeting UK market, then server in Amsterdam will give you faster loading than if they have only server in US. Different phisical server location contributes a significant loading time.

Based on surveys, internet users drop slow page loading sites as they expect instant access to any website, they wont wait the data to travel slowly across the ocean.

Pro #9: Regarding their servers, GreenGeeks offer special guarantees such as:

  • They will add new servers following the number of clients
  • Over 64 GB DDR3 EEC registered memory
  • The new generation energy-efficient Intel Xeon processors
  • BGP4 Gigabit connectivity to Fiber GigE Tier 1
  • RAID-10 SSD Storage Arrays for maximum performance
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) Acceleration

Pro #10: All Data Centers are equipped by special features including:

  • Biometric and key card security system with rack level locking system
  • SAS 70 Type 1 certified
  • FM 200 safe fire suppression system
  • Dual city grid power feeds with auto-switch backup battery
  • 24×7 monitoring by SingleHop engineers
  • Automatic temperature control system

Pro #11: Nightly Auto Backup

Having trouble on site sometimes can’t be solved easily. Need a lot of technical knowledge, time consuming and stressful. It happens sometimes by crass on your PHP codes, theme updates, plugin updates, or hacked by crazy hacker, malware infected, etc. The easiest way out is return to yesterday’s (previous) condition. Here you need a website backup. On GreenGeeks Hosting you get daily backup for free, so if any bad things happened, you can simply restore yesterday’s backup.

For maximum security, they also offer:

  • Automatic brute force detection
  • Real time security scanning
  • Spam Assassin
  • SSL secured server
  • Password protection for directories

Pro #12: Free CDN

Anytime you access internet, whether you browsing on Google, accesing websites, blogs, social medias, online stores, etc., you are interacting with CDN (Content Delivery Network). It is the system that give you ability to load content very fast. GreenGeeks offer CDN for free for all users (powered by Cloudflare), and this could be your advantage if your website reach global audience as with CDN all of your audience no matter where are they located can load your content fast.

Cloudflare CDN give you ability to cache content and automaticaly pick data from the closest server, so the data delivered in maximum speed.

Visit GreenGeeks Website

The Cons

For sure GreenGeeks are not perfect in all aspects. They still have some Cons and here they are…

Con #1: GreenGeeks price is part of marketing gimmick

greengeeks pricing

Take a look at above screenshot that we took from their official site. What do you think? You can buy their hosting for $2.95 a month? Yes but No! You can get the price only if you buy the hosting for 3 years and pay in advance. No one will think so. And if you don’t want to pay for 3 years (and mostly you don’t), and you choose to pay monthly, then the cost you get is $9.95 a month. It is a big different, right?

Con #2: Refund Doesn’t Include Domain Price and Setup Fee

Buying hosting on GreenGeeks you get one domain name for free. Do you think if you are not satisfied with them and you ask for refund then you will get all of your money back? No! Based on their Terms of Service, your refund will be deducted by the domain price (about $9.95) and setup fee ($15).

Let’s say you pay $50 for several months of hosting, then your refund will be $50 – $9.95 (domain name registration fee) – $15 (setup fee) = $50 – $24.95 = $25.05. That is the number of money back to you. Means the money back guarantee is not really for all of your payment, and no one will aware this in advance.

Con #3 (just to be aware): Your account has hidden limitations

Your account CAN NOT use more than:

  • 100% of one CPU core, or
  • 1GB of memory, or
  • 20 concurrent connections, or
  • 75,000 files

Otherwise, your account will be terminated temporary (means your website will be off suddenly) and you need to pay $15 to reactivate your account and make your website back to online.

But you don’t need to be so worry with this, as long as your website is a normal website, mostly you will never get such problem. Only website with abnormal used will.

GreenGeeks Hosting Plans

GreenGeeks offer three types of hosting plan: The regular shared hosting plan, WordPress hosting plan, and Reseller hosting plan. Both the regular shared hosting plan and WordPress hosting plan has 3 options: Ecosite Lite, Ecosite Pro and Ecosite Premium. Which one should you choose?

Shared Hosting Plan

greengeeks hosting plan

Todays standards on shared hosting plans have changed. In the past, a shared hosting plan just need to have a good uptime and cheap price, that’s it. But today people want more. They need seamless workflow, fast data loading, and scalable plan.

Trey Garner -the GreenGeeks CEO- really know this well. That’s why GreenGeeks Hosting create the Ecosite Lite hosting plan to ensure what people want on shared hosting plan fulfilled. They do care with your business and what they want is you do focus on your business, managing your websites (or blogs, online stores, etc.) without worrying anything on hosting parts.

Instead of upgrading your Shared Hosting Plan to Virtual Private Server (VPS) -in which will cost you much bigger-, with Ecosite Starter Plan you can upgrade your Shared Hosting Plan to Ecosite Pro or Ecosite Premium. In the plans, you can get a higher specification of CPU and RAM, but the cost is lower than VPS.

WordPress Hosting Plan

greengeeks wordpress hosting plan

Basically, WordPress Hosting Plan has no difference with the Shared one. The only difference is WordPress Enhanced Security, means this plan has more security features to protect your WordPress websites. Means that if you plan to use WordPress as the platform of your website or blog or online store, then this plan is most recommended. But if you plan to use another platform instead of WordPress, you can choose both Shared Hosting Plan or WordPress Hosting Plan, there is no difference at all, including the price.

greengeeks reseller hosting plan

Most of you don’t need a Reseller hosting plan, because this is only for people who manage multiple hosting, ie: you purchase the Reseller hosting plan and then you split them into several mini packages and sell the hosting package to your clients (with your own brand).

Final Words: Do We Recommend GreenGeeks?

Yes, we do. As long as you have read what we wrote on the Cons above, you are good to go with them. There is nothing else to be worry with them.

Visit GreenGeeks Website

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