Triana Related Links

GridLab The GridLab project will develop an easy-to-use, flexible, generic and modular Grid Application Toolkit (GAT), enabling todays applications to make innovative use of global computing resources. GridOneD Based around the Triana software GridOneD is 3 year PPARC funded project for creating Java middleware for Grid applications.
GEO600 The GEO 600 project aims at the direct detection of gravitational waves by means of a laser interferometer of 600 m armlength. Gravitational waves are extremely small ripples in the structure of spacetime caused by astrophysical events like supernovae or coalescing binaries. GriPhyN The GriPhyN Project is developing Grid technologies for scientific and engineering projects that must collect and analyze distributed, petabyte-scale datasets.
AstroGrid AstroGrid is a £3.7M project aimed at building a data-grid for UK astronomy, which will form the UK contribution to a global Virtual Observatory. Dame DAME is an e-Science pilot project, demonstrating the use of the GRID to implement a distributed decision support system for deployment in maintenance applications and environments.
JXTA JXTA technology is a set of open protocols that allow any connected device on the network ranging from cell phones and wireless PDAs to PCs and servers to communicate and collaborate in a P2P manner. Jini Jini Network Technology is an open software architecture that enables the creation of network-centric solutions which are highly adaptive to change.
Java The Java 2 Platform provides robust end-to-end solutions for networked applications as well as a trusted standard for embedded applications. NeSCForge NeSCForge is a collaborative software development tool for the UK e-Science community.


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